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Welcome to „Digital Culture Comeback“. These tutorial series shouls help people, who are living and creating art in tyrol to achieve better results in audio and video. We focus on tricks and tipps to improve the skills in digital arts.

Once the videos are uploaded on this page we meet via Sykep and Teams and discuss ideas and thoughts of digital arts (e.e. how to film smooth without a gimbal, how to syncronize audio and video and how to record a guitar amp at home).

The discussion should help everybody in the online meeting to get new tips & tricks and also different perspectives because when it comes down to art, there are no rules!

To compare ideas and to support the tyrolean music and art scene, we wanna hold a Video Meeting and share all our ideas after the last tutorial. Please fill out the calender form and choose the day. The date with the most participants will be the final date for the video call!


Tutorial 1: How to avoid shaky video!

Let’s start with the tutorial series. A lot of you wanted to know how you can avoid shaky video. There are many methods to produce smooth videos, even without using gimbals. How i achieve my smoothest shots? Watch the video and watch my tricks. But please notice: Sometimes shaky video is necessary for some scenery.

Tutorial 2: How to shoot a live session at home

If you want to produce live sessions, a lot of things come together and a lot can go wrong. In the last few years we have produced many live sessions with different artists and made many mistakes but also learned a lot. Today we want to help you how you can produce better live sessions and which mistakes you should avoid. Here they are, our 10 TIPS how to Shoot Live Sessions like a Pro:

TIP #1 – USE DIFFERENT LENSES AND FOCAL LENGHTS Play around with different lenses and focal lenthgs. Shoot with Zoom-Lenses to get so close-up and details and use Wide Angle Lenses to catch the whole band. It makes the live footage so much more exciting and brings a lot of value to the production.

TIP #2 – FOCUS ON LIGHT Light is super important! It definitely changes everything. If possible rent a room with stage lights and/or use some high quality LED-Lights and play around with the Kelvin settings. Or if not, try to make a nice bright atmosphere with the things you have. Everybody has some floor lamps or familiar light sources at home.

TIP #3 – BE ORGANIZED If you shoot a multiple camera live session you have to be organized and you definitely should define a clear structure and routine. Here is our routine: Start to record the Audio first. Then camera 1 starts rolling, then camera 2, camera 3, and so on. After that, you can use a movie flap to make a straight and clear sound signal, which will help you afterwords in your post-production to synchronize audio and video perfectly. If you have no movie flap, you can make the audio signal e.g. with drum sticks.

 ► TIP #4 – LISTEN TO THE SONG FIRST Listen carefully to the song. Tell the band to send over the track beforehand. This will give you an idea of the song. Is it a slow ballad or a heave metal track? You probably will shoot differently, right?

TIP #5 – USE GIMBALS (if possible) We made the experience that we achieved the best results by using any kind of stabilizer. We are using gimbals (Weebill S, DJI Ronin M, Feyutech ak4500) If you shoot handheld try to avoid too many big movements and use the internal stabilizers of your camera, especially if you don’t have many cameras on the set.

TIP #6 – MAKE SAFETY SHOTS Put your backup camera on a tripod and I let it roll during the session. Especially if you have not enough camera guys on the set, this backup camera can save your life.

TIP #7 – CONSIDER AUDIO ENVIRONMENT Check out the location first. How does it sound there? Is there a lot of noise going on, a lot of reverb? Are there many people around? Do you wanna shoot outdoor or indoor? Consider the weather circumstances. Wind could destroy your whole audio production. Does the location fit the artist? A big church with lot of reverb might sound great with a singer-songwriter. But with a heavy metal band? GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!

TIP #8 – ADJUST CAMERA SETTINGS If you have a multiple-camera setup, please compare your white balance, ISO, Shutterspeed, Picture Profile and so on. Try to get a uniform looking footage with all cameras. This is super important and will make your post-production easier and your end result better, PROMISE

TIP #9 – DON’T MOVE TOO MUCH Please don’t move to much or choose someone from your team/friends, who is, how I call it “The Spider”. Someone who loves to run around with his gimbal and he is incredibly good making awesome dynamic shots. But also choose someone, who shoots slow and easy. Just to pick these shots when all cameras are shaky at the same time.

TIP #10 – REMOVE UNNECESSARY THINGS My last tip is to keep the set super clean and nice. Remove all unnecessary things from the set, such as bottles, jackets, glasses, hats, unused equipment unless it is part of your session.

Tutorial 3: How to sync audio and video in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, i wanna show you how to sync Video with Audio. I show it to you with an example of one of our live sessions. This is how i always synchronize video with audio for our live sessions. Syncing Video and Audio is actually really easy in Premiere Pro. In this tutorial, I will show you how to sync your video and audio in premiere pro by using separate video and audio recordings and syncing them!

Tutorial 4: How to write a song in 15 minutes

In this video Aaron shows you how to write a song in less than 15 minutes in your home with basic equipment!

Of course, it is not about writing or producing a song as fast as possible. The main purpose of this video is to help you capture your ideas at home and develop them further with your band.

We hope this video helps you to produce fantastic funk music at home! ENJOY and stay FUNKY!

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